About Us

The Team Behind Lotech

Experts in putting eyes on screens


Business founder and director. Able to consume insane amounts of caffeine

James Leonard

Business founder and director. Runs your next show while looking at cat videos.

Simon Barker

How We Started

Lotech Media may never have started, in 2001 co-founder Simon Barker was finishing a graphic design course and James Leonard was at University studying Political Science, we both loved video, and had collections of VHS tapes we’d dubbed ‘cool’​ stuff onto.

We didn’t know each other but whilst visiting a mutual friend we over heard someone complaining they had a VJ set but didn’t want to do it. We both jumped asking for an introduction. We met Tim Budgen, the VJ co-ordinator, and it would have been obvious we were really enthusiastic but had zero experience performing in front of anyone, let alone in front of 2500 people.

In one of those small decisions that can change, so much he said that ‘rather than him choosing between us we should team up and share the set’​. Yes please!

Our set was late at night and as the weather got proper Alpine cold the VHS gear started failing, but with no experience of one of these big systems we just figured it was kind of normal and took turns playing while the other coaxed equipment back to life and got new clips ready. It was so much fun, truly one of those ‘best night ever’.

As our set finished it was high fives and talk of ‘starting a VJ collective and geting an office space’​, ‘We’ll call ourselves Lotech but just use computers (the 486 had run all night!)’​. On Monday morning Simon rang the landlord of a 1000 sqm empty second floor above the skate shop where he worked. We moved in that weekend.

Many years have passed, for a long time we ran Lotech as a TV post production company while VJing over the weekends. The turning point for us back to full time event work was winning the contract to run all the screens at ‘Party Central’ on Queens Wharf for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

Since then we thank our many supportive clients for us a huge variety of creative briefs that have allowed us to grow a team around us that can do pretty much anything you require with video, light, sound, software and hardware development.